Have an adventure in oil painting. Discover and develop your creative talent. My beginners workshops empower you to understand and manipulate the paint so that you can grow your own style and confidence. I believe everyone is creative. Try something new.

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"You will be amazed at how creative you can be in painting a picture in oils. Fun , entertaining, rewarding learning experience."

Julian Webb - April 2019

"I really enjoyed the workshop, especially having thought I had no creativeness inside me. What I produced at the end of the course made me really proud of myself.

An excellent course for anyone to bring out their creative side."

- Gayle Parker - March 2020

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Hi, I’m Sara Penrose

I love empowering people to discover their creative side. To take someone from doubting they could even draw a stick man to feeling proud of their first landscape oil painting.

I am an artist and chemical engineer, who is passionate about the combination of art and science.

For me, oil painting is a journey. The diversity of oils are such that you can almost sculpt with them or thin them so they flow like watercolours. Oil painting is a layering of stages, I visualise the end composition, and work my way step by step, inspecting and exploring each detail. There are so many variables to consider. The shapes, textures and movement of each component. The volume, pressure, speed of my paint and brushstrokes.

Find out more at www.sarapenrose.co.uk